De Motu

De Motu

De Motu, founded in 2007, operates in the aircraft hangar at the Helsinki-Malmi Airport, in Finland. Company founders strong civil and military aviation backgrounds can be seen in the final design of the watches.

At BaselWorld 2012 De Motu presented something unique. A prototype of world´s first real G-Force wrist watch for pilots. That started De Motu´s ongoing journey to create true pilot watches with unique design and top quality watchmaking.

All De Motu watches are completely designed by Mr. Valdemar Hirvelä and every timepiece is meticulously crafted and tested by De Motu watchmakers creating an uncompromising level of quality and precision of a true pilot instrument.

In addition to the core lineup, company collaborates with several elite aviation and military units by designing bespoke squadron watches for example fighter pilots and paratroopers.

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